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Helping children grow and flourish through speech and drama

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Welcome to Thrive

Welcome to Thrive speech and drama, where we understand childhood is filled with unique moments and challenges. As you navigate this path with your children, we recognise the importance of nurturing not just future potential but celebrating the here and now of your child's growth.

At Thrive we're more than just a programme; we're a community that cherishes the present joys of childhood. Our speech and drama classes are where laughter and learning go hand in hand. Picture your child, eyes sparkling with excitement, as they learn to express themselves with confidence.


Imagine them discovering their voice, not just for tomorrow's promises, but for today's adventures.

Through our diverse and playful activities, children learn invaluable skills. They become storytellers, weaving tales that teach them to articulate thoughts and feelings. They step into roles that build empathy and understanding. As they engage with peers, they develop respect and manners naturally, all while having a blast.

We don't just look ahead; we embrace each day. Our students don't wait for future stages to shine; they light up rooms today. And as parents, you're not just preparing them for what lies ahead; you're giving them tools to thrive now, in their world full of wonder and discovery.

Join us at Thrive, where every lesson is a step towards growing confident, creative, and happy children, ready for today's adventures and tomorrow's successes.

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Lessons Include Elements Of...

In our unique learning environment, we use a tapestry of imaginative games and scenarios to gently instill life's important lessons. It's a place where children learn the art of conversation, the subtleties of body language, and the importance of respecting themselves and others. They discover how to connect positively with friends and mentors, find their voice in public speaking, and unlock the boundless realms of their imagination.

Our approach is as diverse as the children we welcome. Each lesson is crafted to not just entertain, but to enrich. It’s not just about what they learn, but how they feel while learning - empowered, joyful, and engaged.

Meet Kelly

With an ATCL in speech and drama, Kelly Raos is the founder and Head teacher of Thrive.


Kelly has taught speech and drama for over 15 years and is currently also the Deputy Principal of the Howick Children’s and Youth Theatre.


She is an actor, director, and a trained teacher of speech and drama as well as ballroom dancing.


She is involved in various types of theatre from Musical Theatre to Shakespeare.  


Her students hold a distinction average in the Trinity College of London examinations. Some of her students have been awarded 100% in their exams (which is very rare).


Kelly is passionate about inspiring and motivating students to discover their full potential, unlock creativity and create long-term confidence.

Kelly loves… travelling and visiting new and amazing places around the world

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Have you heard?

"My kids have been taking lessons with Kelly for over a year now, and I've seen a tremendous improvement in their confidence and skills. Kelly is knowledgeable, supportive, and always willing to go the extra mile to help the girls succeed. I highly recommend Thrive to anyone with kids looking to pursue their passion for the performing arts."

John, 46

"I've always been interested in acting out stories, but I never had the confidence to perform in front of others. Thanks to Thrive, I've been able to overcome my fears and develop the skills I need to succeed. Kelly is amazing, and the classes are both fun and challenging. I can't recommend Thrive enough!"

Samantha, 15

"Oliver started taking classes at Thrive when he was just six years old (he's now 10), and he's loved every minute of it. He says Kelly is "so fun", and I can see she really cares about helping Oliver reach his goals. He's made so many friends at Thrive, and always looks forward to his classes each week."

Jenni, 38. Oliver, 10.

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