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Welcome to Thrive

Welcome to Thrive, where learning is an adventure.


Our engaging games and creative scenarios teach essential life skills in a fun, immersive way. Children learn effective communication, drama skills, and positive body language, all while respecting themselves and others.


They learn to interact confidently with everyone around them, from peers to adults, in a natural, joyful learning environment.

Here, creativity isn't just encouraged; it's a way of life. Our programmes captivate students of all ages, making every lesson an unforgettable journey in personal growth and joy.

Every Day's A School Day For Us...

Our teachers are passionate about nurturing creativity and helping students to achieve their full potential. With years of experience in teaching speech and drama, they are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for every student to thrive within.

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Kelly Raos

Founder and Head Teacher, Thrive Speech & Drama

Kelly Raos has been teaching speech and drama for over 15 years. She is Deputy Principal of the Howick Children's and Youth theatre where she teaches classes, directs productions and coaches students towards their speech and drama examinations. Kelly loves all aspects of teaching drama, from the creativity to the confidence and self expression it inspires in her students. When not teaching and directing, Kelly is busy with her three daughters and loves spending time at the beach.

Fiona Bailey

Dip Tchg., B Ed.,

Dip Drama

A trained primary school teacher, Fiona taught at Bailey Road School before deciding to devote her full time to drama teaching. Fiona is also the Principal of the Howick Children’s theatre organisation.  She has been teaching drama, directing productions and preparing students for speech and drama examinations for over 34 years. She is passionate about her teaching and loves watching children develop confidence, self esteem and grow in all aspects of their life through speech and drama.

Michelle Field

Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts

Michelle loved drama classes herself as a child and young adult. 

She has been a Stage Manager for many years and in 2018 began teaching drama at The Howick Children’s and Youth Theatre.  Michelle teaches developmental drama classes, directs productions and continues to work in Stage Management.

When not teaching or directing, Michelle enjoys trips away with her daughter and husband in their

newly refurbished retro caravan!

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